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CNC Machine Tool Retrofitting.

Retrofitting the CNC control on your machine tool is an effective and economical way of upgrading your machine tool and the machine tools capability.

When we take on a retrofitting project we not only replace the CNC control but refurbish the machine tool both mechanically and electrically.

At the end of a project all documentation is handed over to the customer , we train the machine operator and request that during the rebuild that a maintenance person assists with the rebuild so that they can gain knowledge of the rebuild for future maintenance as well as gain knowledge on the new CNC control .

Please contact us for information.
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Tel: +27 (0) 41 372 1155
Cell: +27 (0) 72 349 2733
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Retrofit Customers :
Pitchline Engineering  (PTY) Ltd.
Pitchline Engineering manufactured 10 CNC lathes of which 2 have live tooling ( milling) function. DMT assisted with the Fanuc Series 0iTB controls installation, parameter setup, servo, spindle setup and PMC software.

Each CNC has a Pitchline Barfeeder connected ,the barfeeder is controlled and monitored by the CNC PMC.
Retrofitting using FANUC 31i CNC controller
Xemco Heavy Machining (Port Elizabeth)
The FANUC 31i CNC control was used to retrofit a 3 path horizontal Gray Borer for XMECO Heavy Machining in Port Elizabeth. The machine has a total of three heads making up 6 axis.The first path also has a milling head with live tooling. All electrical layout panel design machine interface was done by DMT as well as the CNC contol setup and PMC programming.
First Class Engineering (Port Elizabeth)
Retrofitting using the HUST CNC controller
We use the HUST CNC controller series where the customer requires a Analog type servo interface for a retrofit. This becomes very cost effective when the customer only requires his CNC controller to be retrofitted and we interface the original Analog servos to the HUST CNC controller.
We can also offer a HUST CNC controller package that comes with new AC servo motors and drive units.
CIMG0683 (1)
Leadwell MCV 50 Retrofitted using the HUST H4M CNC Controller
HUST Range of CNC controllers for CNC Lathes and CNC Mills:
DNC Function. All DNC software supplied by CNC controller.
Macro command, user can use 9999 variables to calculate, such as plus, minus, divide, AND, OR etc.
512 KB Programme memory capacity.
Flash ROM structure.
USB Disk
Easy connection.
Define G & M code by user.
Spindle can use inverter or servo spindle.
Conversational Graphic programming function for Milling & Turning.
Canned cycles with graphic onscreen function.
Edit and customize screens with screen editor software. (supplied with CNC controllers)
PLC windows editing software.
Analog servo interface.
Mazak Quickturn 20 retrofitted with a FANUC 0iTC
Mazak Quickturn 20 retrofitted with a Fanuc 0iTC
Electrical panel of Mazak QT20
Retrofit Mazak QT20
Machine has a Mitshubishi servo turret which is fully controlled by GSK CNC Controller.
Retrofit of Mazak QT20
Mitshubishi Survo Turret
Controller GSK 980TD
GSK Servo Drive system
GSK Servos
Retrofit of Roku Roku
Controller used: LNC 522M
Servo system used: DELTA
Retrofit of Roku Roku
LNC 522M
Mazak VQC Retrofitted with LNC 600M CNC controller
Electrical panel of the Mazak VQC 2050A
Mazak VQC Retrofitted with LNC 600M CNC controller